Tracie Blackmon

Tracie is a passionate volunteer and advocate for AFSP. She first became involved with AFSP seven years ago by attending her first Out of the Darkness Walk in Birmingham. Since then, helping others affected by suicide has become her mission. She volunteers at walks throughout the state, and has attended an Overnight Walk to raise awareness on a national level. As Public Policy Chair for the Alabama Chapter, Tracie oversees State Capitol Day in Montgomery and is involved with the AFSP Advocacy Forum in Washington D.C.

Tracie lost her mom to suicide when she was very young. Throughout her life, she has searched for answers, validation, understanding, and healing.  Thanks to AFSP, she has been able to help others the same way that AFSP has helped her. Tracie is trained in ASIST and safeTALK as well as More Than Sad. She speaks to legislators, law makers, various law enforcement agencies, schools and others in the community about her story and how together, we can change the way our society views suicide and mental illness. Together, we can end the stigma.