Elie Kennedy

Elie is one of the Board members for the AFSP San Diego Chapter. She’s a mother of suicide loss, a mother on a mission. Her son, Anthony was a victim of suicide. He was born Aug. 20, 1985. He passed July 13, 2015. He was only 29.

Elie became a part of AFSP participating in the walks and volunteering as part of her healing. Every suicide loss is a personal loss to her.

She started painting rocks shortly after her sons’ passing. Her family has a favorite beach spot up in North County. They spent many days and years there as a family. Sitting in the same spot every time. After his passing, Elie would paint the rocks her and her husband would find while at the beach. She would leave them there for him as a tribute. One day they came back and found that one of the many rocks she painted. Was there waiting for them. It had is name “ANT” with a red heart. That’s what Elie used to call him. So, she knew it was a sign to start painting rocks. So from then on, she’s been painting whatever comes to mind.

Elie channels the painful energy to create something beautiful and positive. With her son on her mind, always. Sharing her story, bringing awareness and breaking the stigma surrounded by suicide. Elie is known, as the Artivist for Suicide Prevention. She has participated in several art shows as a mixed media Artivist. With no formal training, just a passion to reach out to those who are struggling. Every piece of Elie’s art sold, goes to AFSP. AFSP saved her own life. She said, “she felt welcomed, supported, understood and loved. If you would like to discuss any aspect of AFSP San Diego Chapter, volunteer opportunities, events and or fundraising activities please contact Elie at [email protected]