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Meet The Montana Chapter Board

29 Nov 2020 โ€” 3 min read


Dorea Wilmoth - Butte, MT - Board Member Since 2016.

Montana Chapter Board Chair. Butte Walk Chair.

My Relaxations: podcasts, TikTok, spending time with my dogs

My Fave Five: Stand-up comedy, travel, my nieces, puppies, road trips.

Favorite Food(s): sushi, charcuterie, thai food and COFFEE.

A Fun Fact: I was a radio announcer for about 10 years.

My Hidden Talent: I can figure out almost anything technological at least enough to do what I need to do, even if it would make actual experts pull out their hair.

Board Member Nancy Yates

Nancy Yates - Florence, MT - Board Member Since 2018.

Montana Chapter Treasurer. Missoula Walk Co-Chair.

When I was Little I wanted to be: a nurse, always a nurse

My Relaxations: Riding my Peloton Bike, spending time with my family, loving on my fur babies Luna and Neville

Favorite Food(s): Coffee ๐Ÿ˜Š fresh garden tomatoes, a good steak

My Core Values: Be humble, be kind, honesty, integrity

My Hidden Talent: Hand Bell Ringer

Board Member Tracy Rassley

Tracy Rassley - Belgrade, MT - Board Member Since 2017.

Montana Chapter Secretary. Bozeman Walk Co-Chair.

My Hidden Talent: Acting, I loved acting in high school and even received a scholarship to study acting in college.

Something I Say: It’s all good.

A Fun Fact: I was a linguist in the Air Force and was able to take a flight in an F-16

When I retire I want to be: Public speaker or perpetual traveler

Hobbies / Pleasures: Reading, camping, 4-wheeling, floating the river

Board member Nick Kallem

Nick Kallem - Sidney, MT - Board Member Since 2018.

Eastern Montana Walk Chair. Healing Conversations Volunteer.

My Hidden Talent: I know a little bit about a lot... ( IDK if that is a talent)

When I retire I want to be: a bus driver

My Favorite Quote:  The biggest obstacles in our lives are the barriers our mind creates.   - Unknown

A Fun Fact: I don't eat vegetables unless they are covered in gravy

Board Member Jennifer Preble

Jennifer Preble - East Helena, MT - Board Member Since 2015.

Montana Chapter Public Policy & Advocacy Co-Chair.

Something I say: "Is there anything I can do to help?"

Hobbies / Pleasures: The great Montana outdoors, scrapbooking, spending time with family and friends, advocacy

I'm Passionate About: increasing access to behavioral health services and reducing suicide

A fun fact: my favorite non-domesticated animal is pandas

Honorary Board Member Angel

Angel - East Helena, MT - Honorary Board Member Since 2019.

Montana Chapter Official Service Dog. Public Policy & Advocacy Co-Chair.

My Fave Five: mud, water, tennis balls, scent detection, and working for my mom

Skills: service dog, expert trick dog, and nosework dog

Favorite Food(s): Chicken, chicken, and more chicken please, maybe a french fry or two from my favorite AFSP friends, under the table, of course

My Relaxations: in any body of water or mud

My Hidden Talent: I can navigate planes, trains, and automobiles with ease.

Board Member Thom Van Winkle

Thom Van Winkle - Belgrade, MT - Board Member Since 2019.

Montana Chapter Social Media Ambassador. Bozeman Walk Co-Chair.

My Core Values:  Happiness, Loyalty, Honesty, Integrity, Comedy

Skills:  Tech-savvy, photography, gardening, cooking

My Relaxations:  Cooking or baking and eating

A Fun Fact:  I'm obsessed with Bob's Burgers.

My Hidden Talent:  I have a green thumb

Shannon Martell - Drummond, MT - Board Member Since 2019.

My Fave Five (TV Show edition): Game of Thrones, Greys Anatomy, Any Housewives Franchise, Survivor, Walking Dead

My hobbies: racing my mud bog, hanging with my grandson Brodee, traveling to anywhere I can get to that has a beach

When I was little I wanted to be: a news broadcaster on TV

Favorite Foods: Chinese and any sweets I can get my hands on 

I seem to be very good at: organizing things, or like my husband likes to say making things go my way all the time ๐Ÿ˜€

Board Member Joan Nye

Joan Nye - Columbus, MT - Board Member Since 2011.

Yellowstone Valley Walk Co-Chair.

Answers pending

Board Member Mary Alice Jones

Mary Alice Jones - Butte, MT - Board Member Since 2015.

Answers pending

Board Member Tova Reddick-Starkel

Tova Reddick-Starkel - Helena, MT - Board Member Since 2017.

East Helena Campus Walk Chair.

Answers pending

Rocky Mountain Area Director Katie Levine

Katie Levine - Missoula, MT - Montana & Wyoming Area Director.

Favorite Food(s): Anything that combines cheese and carbs.

Hobbies / Pleasures: Nothing puts me in a better headspace than a swim. Whether in a pool or open water, the methodical breathing and movement allows me to meditate while getting in a great workout.

When I was Little I wanted to be: on Broadway. Somewhere there is an audition tape of me singing “Castle on a Cloud” that I never sent into Star Search.

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