How Does Your Furry Friend Improve Your Mental Health?


August 26th, 2017 was #NationalDogDay. At AFSP, we wanted to hear from our social media followers how their furry friends helped their mental health. Here’s what they had to say:


Nicole S. – “Jameson has taught me to not sweat the small stuff and for someone who suffers from anxiety that is a valuable lesson to learn and put into practice. He also elevates my moods. It is hard to fall into sadness when there is a happy puppy ready to play with you any chance he gets! My husband is a police officer and deals with a lot of stressful situations. Jameson calms him and brings him back down after a difficult shift. Also, I was quite lonely while my husband worked long hours until our pup came along. He really is the best thing that’s ever happened to us.”


Melanie F. – “The love from a dog is unconditional. They don’t ask for anything but love in return. That is what makes the most of any day. Good or bad. If I didn’t have my babies I would not have the strength to get through each day.”


Ashley C. – “My pup Dexter is my anchor! He keeps me grounded and helps me to be active. I love this guy, more than words can explain.”


Samantha M. – “My dog is an emotional support dog who lives with me at my college. Being able to wake up to her every morning instantly makes my day a good day. She loves me so much, and she just gets so excited to see me after class. She will cuddle me when I am upset or having a rough time. She knows me so well.”


Sheila L. – “Zero has helped me with my anxiety and depression! I have been a lot happier since I got him!”

Vicki E. – “This is my little peewee. I love him. I lost my son six years ago by suicide. Peewee helps me cope with my pain. I love this little guy. I know he loves me too, no matter what.”


Marcia A. – “This is our mini-Aussie pup, Otis. He has helped me get into a healthier morning routine. After all, it’s never too early to feed the dogs.”


Barbara B. – “My son died by suicide. I have a tea cup Yorkie that has saved my life. When I’m with him I don’t think about the memory of being there and everything we saw. When I’m not with my Yorkie the memories are like a movie playing over and over in my head. Elija, my little Yorkie is my life saver.”


Colleen P. – “Pugsly is my therapy dog, and he comes to my school counseling office several times per week. He has helped so many kids through tough times.”


Laura S. –  “I lost my only child/ daughter Erika (19yo) in November 2011.  Dazyee provided me with unconditional love, comfort and support.  If it wasn’t for her lying with me on the darkest of days and nights (when you wanted to be alone with your grief) I wouldn’t have made it through the darkest stages of grief. She instinctively knew when I needed her to be with me and provide comfort or a tail wag.  She gave me purpose, because she needed me.”


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