Caitlin – Emerson College

Public Policy Associate

The internship experience at AFSP/SPAN USA has been a practice in true professionalism.  Given great  autonomy and as much responsibility as I could handle , the work is a challenging array of research, resource distribution, and interpersonal communication.  I was presented with my own project area to investigate and build upon.  In the process I became—and was treated as—the office expert; I fielded all questions or concerns regarding my work as a member of a team.  I also processed and facilitated phone calls with AFSP Field Advocates, essentially building upon the infrastructure of a nationwide program.  I was even able to attend hearings and conferences on Capitol Hill, something especially exciting to me as a student of Political Communication.  While at times the process was daunting, especially given the level of responsibility allocated to us as interns, it was invaluable experience in self-management and professional awareness.  The work can sometimes be a slow operation, but it is rewarding to witness it utilized on a grand scale within the organization.  Before I chose to intern with AFSP, I was skeptical about the type or importance of the work I would be doing.  I personally have found the process incredibly rewarding.  If you want a tangible work experience and want to feel a part of a tight knit team, I highly recommend an internship with the Public Policy Branch of AFSP/SPAN USA.