Essence – Dickinson College

Public Policy Associate

Through The Washington Center internship program I had the incredible opportunity to join the AFSP Public Policy team. As a public policy associate intern I gained a lot of beneficial work experience applicable to a number of future positions. Having such an amazing internship heightened my overall experience living and working in Washington D.C.

For some being an intern means getting coffee, answering phones, and getting dry cleaning, but I can surely say that my experience was not reflective of this. I was able to better my communication skills through the projects I worked on and by making Field Advocate phone calls. Most of the work involved reaching out to others via e-mail and telephone, which was something I was initially somewhat uncomfortable with. However, after this experience I feel more confident about putting myself out there to gather information. One of the projects I worked on this semester was beginning research on funding for crisis services provided by accredited organizations. This project involved research and analysis, skills necessary for most potential careers.

Part of what made this experience so great was having the opportunity to work with John, Trevor, and Nicole. Their constant encouragement and helpfulness made it easy for Meghan, Taylor (fellow interns), and I to truly feel a part of the public policy team. I am not only grateful for the wonderful work experience, but also for having had such kind and respectable supervisors.