Kara – Ohio Northern University

Public Policy Associate

I have always been able to create my own path in life but I never thought that path would have taken me all the way to Washington, D.C. Working for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention created a new sense of motivation and pride for myself. The work I did, no matter how large or small was appreciated amongst everyone in the office while also being respectively critiqued. My time was spent coming in each day with some activity to do. There was never a dull moment in the office because I was either going to a congressional hearing, watching a webinar, attending an event, or just working on other projects.

The office environment as a whole is extremely inviting. Everyone here was so nice and open to anything and everything. For me personally, I struggle with my finances and had to get a night job while I was here in D.C. The others in the office recognized my hard work and understood my situation. Sometimes the day is too much for me but I took comfort in the office to boost my mood and to be a listening ear to my thoughts.

This internship is more than just an extra point on a resume or an academic credit. It’s a cause that matters to so many people, it’s a learning opportunity to make a change, and it offers memories that you can’t find anywhere else. I will never forget my time at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention nor the people I have met. The only thing you can experience here is positivity and hope for a better future and that’s something everyone should try to achieve.