Lenae – The Ohio State University

Public Policy Associate

This internship with The American foundation for Suicide Prevention has been an amazing experience. The amount of transferrable skills that I acquired will assist me as I continue on into full time employment. The public policy team was great at making my summer here in DC an experience that I will never forget.

From my first day in the office, I was handed responsibilities that many other interns only dream of. From participating in phone interviews to attending congressional spouses meetings, I really felt like I was contributing in a larger way. It was great being entrusted with assignments that I knew would be used to further AFSP’s mission. One of the larger projects that I was able to play a large role in was our Federal Advocacy Forum. This Forum allows the AFSP volunteers to come to Capitol Hill and speak with their Senate and House Members about policies that are near to their heart. Even though it was such a big project and it seemed a bit intimidating, I was charged with compiling the master schedule of all appointments that were to take place on that day. My work organized the program and was an essential element to the success of the day. I felt a strong sense of pride after completing that assignment but I was not yet done! After our volunteers arrived in DC, I was able to meet with the great people that make this organization strong and discuss the policies that they would be promoting the following day on the Hill. Next came my favorite part, lobbying. It is such a thrill meeting with the legislative aides that directly affect the policies that are passed by Congress. After the Forum, I continued to expand my skills as we sent out follow up emails, worked on recruiting more volunteers, and continued to research up and coming policies.

Overall this was an amazing experience that I will forever be grateful for and remember. John, Nicole, and Trevor were always so helpful and willing to answer any questions we interns may have had. Their patience and true desire to see us grow really contributed to the wonderful summer that I experienced while interning here at AFSP.