Lindsey – McDaniel College

Public Policy Associate

As an intern for SPAN USA, the public policy branch of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, I have gained important educational experience, but more importantly I have worked to make our society a better place.  This is why I chose to intern with this organization in September of 2009 and why I would do so again in a heartbeat.

While interning at AFSP/SPAN USA, I have learned, under the direction of experts, the practical nuts and bolts of public policy.  Furthermore, the day-to-day tasks I completed were always meaningful and interesting; from analyzing legislation to writing public policy issue briefs, each piece of work played an important role in educating policymakers and the grassroots network on issues of suicide prevention, education and research.

Another benefit of this internship is the opportunity to meet others working in the field of public policy, both Hill Staff and public policy advocates from other organizations.  These networking opportunities were crucial to life after college, and again, were something I did not learn about in the classroom.

Understand that this is not an internship where you answer phones and make coffee runs; this is an opportunity to gain practical experience and a wealth of knowledge.  You will have significant responsibilities, and you will be challenged in the tasks you are given.  Ultimately, you will be treated as a professional among professionals, and you will leave AFSP/SPAN USA ready to enter the workforce of Washington, D.C.