Manny – Richard Stockton State College

Public Policy Associate

As a psychology major, I was not sure that interning at the public policy arm of AFSP would be a good fit for me. Government and politics is an area I am not familiar with, so I had reservations about working in public policy. During my time here, however, I have discovered that public policy is so much more. I was given the opportunity of spearheading research on suicide prevention training for school personnel. Through my research I learned about the structure of state governments, nationwide mental health initiatives, and legislation that promote preventative care. The data I have gathered is being used to promote new initiatives in the 2011 Pubic Policy Strategy of AFSP. Working with John and Trevor, I attended eye-opening mental health briefings, and press conferences related to suicide prevention and bullying. AFSP has provided me with knowledge through experience. It has shown me that public policy is only as good as the research to back it up, and exposed me to the mental health community of the Nation’s Capitol. My time in D.C. was valuable and exciting, thanks largely to my internship with AFSP.