Mary Kate – Stockton University

Public Policy Associate

When you start your search for an internship in a place like D.C. you never know what you are going to get because of the fast paced and ever changing environment. Some interns find themselves acting as lackeys for the site they have been placed at, but then there are gems such as AFSP’s Public Policy Office. I knew halfway through my interview that this was where I wanted to be and after nearly four months here I can proudly say that my gut was right.

It has been an amazing experience and not one that I would ever want to change. I have grown and learned so much while here. The D.C. team is amazing and definitely took me under their wings to help me get the most out of my experience here. Not even a month into the internship and I had already been to meetings on the Hill and to the AFSP Annapolis State Capitol Day. Every project I worked on helped others in some way; but it also helped me gain confidence, something I was lacking before coming to D.C.

I believe that this experience is one that I would not have been able to have anywhere else and it has changed me for the better. It has made me into a more confident professional and it will always be something that I remember. And while I know I want to continue school so I can become a Clinical Psychologist, I may also minor or duel major in Public Policy so I can help groups such as AFSP further later in my life.