Morgan – Saint Joseph’s University

Public Policy Associate

During one conversation with my internship advisor I was asked if there were any organizations or sites that I was interested in and I quickly named The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I had recently lost two high school and two college classmates to suicide so I was feeling a really strong pull toward AFSP. Before I began this internship I had no public policy experience, but I knew that anything I carried away with me would be useful for my future career goals in public health and health care systems and services.

My spring semester with the Public Policy team has been a truly transformative experience. Every day presented new opportunities for learning, getting involved, and growing both personally and professionally. I am grateful that my first internship journey has set the bar so high. Every hearing, every project, every task I have had a hand in has been both meaningful and fulfilling. I hope that any contribution I have made in my short time here has helped even one person, and that I can help more in the future with what I will take away from AFSP.

I truly enjoyed coming to work every day and working for such an incredible organization. Throughout my fifteen weeks here, I have become a more outgoing, confident, and grateful person. I have gained invaluable, hands-on experience, and learned more than I ever imagined I would. I am eager to carry all that I have gained in DC back to school and apply it to whatever future endeavors I pursue.