Seymone – George Washington University

Public Policy Associate

My experience at AFSP is one that I feel lucky to have had. When I applied for the internship at AFSP, I had a general idea of the work that I would be doing. As a psychology and political science major, I knew that interning here would be a great bridge between both fields of my academic studies. However, AFSP has given me a more than I could have asked for.  The work environment has been both professional and relaxed; John, Nicole, and Trevor were always approachable, and engaging. They made Naomi, the other public policy associate this semester, and I really feel like we were part of the team. Since I am particularly interested in the politics of D.C., I found going to hearings at the Capital an especially cool experience. During my time in the office, I always had things to work on, but never felt overwhelmed. Also, working with people who are clearly passionate about what they are doing, as John, Trevor, and Nicole all are, makes you more motivated and interested in getting tasks completed. At the end of the day, what AFSP is doing is incredibly important, so I am just thankful for all that I have learned through my time here.