Shelby – Eureka College

Public Policy Associate

Four months ago when I packed up my small car and drove the 13 hours from my small town in Illinois to Washington, D.C. I could not have imagined the impact that my time here would have had on me.  I woke up every day excited to see what the day in the life as an interning Public Policy Associate at AFSP would bring me. My time here has allowed me to get closer to my dream job in the mental health field, as well as sparked new interests in public policy. I have always been drawn towards a career path that would allow me to create a change in the world and make a difference in someone’s life; my internship in the Public Policy Office at AFSP has not only helped me to achieve that but has also prepared me to continue doing so throughout my life.

Both John and Nicole have been incredibly supportive during my time at AFSP. Their passion and dedication is admirable. Being able to work alongside professionals who advocate for a cause I hold so dear is inspiring. Every day they work endlessly to bring mental health and suicide prevention to the forefront of state and federal policy, and because of that I have been greatly impacted.

Beside the vast array of professional experience I gained working with John and Nicole, I have also gained some outstanding colleagues in the field. AFSP not only brought me closer to a career I am passionate about, but also brought me closer to three outstanding individuals who I had the pleasure of interning with who are also passionate about helping others. We have shared so many great memories and overcame many great obstacles. I am a better person since working with these ladies.

I cannot express how fortunate I am to be able to be a part of this wonderful organization. I will forever hold my time in Washington, D.C. and with AFSP close to my heart. Since coming here in August, I have not only become a better student and future mental health advocate, but also a better person.