Public Policy Webinar Series — AFSP

Public Policy Webinar Series

The AFSP Advocacy and Public Policy staff invite you to join us for our Policy Webinar Series. These webinars will help you to update your skills and tools so that you can more effectively advocate for suicide prevention, education, and research, and for achieving AFSP’s federal and state policy priorities.

For more information about AFSP’s Policy Webinar Series, please contact us at [email protected].

Fair Treatment for Mental Health: What the law says about your health insurance – November 16, 2017

Have you ever had more difficulty getting insurance to cover your mental health treatment vs. other types of medical care – or know someone who has? There are federal and state “parity” laws in place to change this and make health insurance plans treat individuals with mental health and substance use conditions fairly.  This webinar will help you learn more about these parity laws, and what they mean for your current health insurance plans and access to care.

During the webinar, experts from the Kennedy Forum ( answer questions such as:

  • What is mental health parity, exactly?
  • What laws affect my access to mental health and substance use care and coverage?
  • How are these laws enforced?
  • What is being done to make sure my state is in compliance with the law?
  • How can I get involved?

Watch a recast of the webinar.

Working Together for Success: AFSP Field Ambassadors, State Suicide Prevention Coordinators, and Garrett Lee Smith Grantees – July 26, 2016

Hosted jointly by AFSP and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center (SPRC), this webinar introduces AFSP Field Ambassadors, state suicide prevention coordinators, and Garrett Lee Smith Grantees to each other and describes each group’s work in detail. Through learning more about each other, AFSP and SPRC hope to encourage more local connections and partnerships, which can increase effectiveness of our collective work, avoid duplication of efforts, and open up new opportunities.  Examples of successful partnerships in several states across the U.S. are provided.

Watch a recast of the webinar.

AFSP and the NOW Campaign – December 11, 2015

This webinar goes into detail about how AFSP and the NOW Campaign are asking our nation’s policymakers, business leaders, and 2016 presidential candidates to take the NOW pledge, which is based on six proven and cost-effective strategies that will transform mental health and addiction in America.

Watch a recast of the webinar.

Open Enrollment Begins Nov 1: Learn how you or someone you know can get mental health and substance use insurance coverage – October 13 & December 10, 2015

AFSP recognizes that one of the best ways to prevent suicide is by recognizing and treating depression, anxiety, substance use, and other mental health conditions. There are biological and psychological treatments that can help address the underlying health issues that put people at risk for suicide.

In order to access these treatments, millions of Americans count on quality and affordable health insurance coverage.

AFSP’s webinars around Open Enrollment are aimed to educate AFSP volunteers, staff, and the general public on the approaching open enrollment period for the insurance marketplace (Nov. 1, 2015 through Jan. 31, 2016), and how you or someone you know can get quality, affordable mental health and substance use disorder coverage.

Watch a recast of the 10-13 Webinar with the Young Invincibles.

Watch a recast of the 12-10 webinar with Enroll America.

Suicide Prevention and the 114th Congress – February 25, 2015

The AFSP Public Policy team discussed suicide prevention, mental health, and the 114th Congress.

The webinar focused on Congressional committees that impact suicide prevention policies and funding, an introduction for advocates to the new members of the 114th Congress, and a roadmap of the federal policy action moving forward.

Watch a recast of the webinar.

Mental Health Consumer Tools – January 15, 2015

AFSP, in collaboration with the National Council for Behavioral Health, produced mental health consumer tools that provide information regarding Mental Health Parity and how it applies to health insurance plans purchased through state exchanges and health insurance plans offered through employers.

The tools are meant to help individuals/families understand the various health insurance plans sold in the health insurance exchanges and that are sponsored by their employers, and offer advice on how to select the health coverage that best fits their individual/family mental health and or substance use needs.

Watch a recast of the webinar.