Events — AFSP
Upcoming AFSP Maryland Events
Soul Shop, for faith-based leaders

March 11th
Johns Hopkins University Campus Walk

April 4th
Towson University Campus Walk

April 4th
SafeTALK, Hagerstown

April 9th
UMBC Campus Walk

April 25th
Mental Health First Aid, Arnold

April 25th
Univ. of Maryland Campus Walk

May 3rd
Maryland Paws for Prevention

May 9th
Soul Shop, for youth workers

May 16th
Overnight Walk Team Maryland

June 20th
Carroll County MD Walk

September 12th
Montgomery County MD Walk

September 20th
Hagerstown Walk

October 3rd
Frederick Walk

October 17th
Southern Maryland Walk

October 25th
Marine Corps Marathon and 10K Team Maryland

October 25th
Previous 2020 AFSP Maryland Events
Maryland State Capitol Day
SafeTALK Training, Arnold
Volunteer Orientation