The Truth About Suicide: Real Stories of Depression in College

An educational program that shows depression and other mental health conditions as they are commonly experienced by college students.

The program encourages students to practice help-seeking behavior for themselves and their friends. It is recommended for use by colleges and universities as a way to integrate suicide prevention into campus life.


  • To educate college students and other young adults of risks and warning signs;
  • To seek help for depression and other mental illnesses just as you would physical health;
  • To promote the importance and acceptability of seeking help for a friend or for oneself; and
  • To provide information for how to seek professional help for yourself or assist a peer in getting help.

General Messages

  • Depression is a mental health condition that can interfere with students’ ability to enjoy college and be productive in their work.
  • Depression is a treatable illness. It is not a character weakness or a normal reaction to life events.
  • Depression can be dangerous when accompanied by severe insomnia, anxiety, hopelessness, desperation, feelings of being out of control or excessive use of alcohol and drugs.
  • Depression is an underlying illness that can lead to suicide.
  • Warning signs of suicide include changes in mood and behavior that can be sudden or gradual.

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