Have a #RealConvo

For May Mental Health Awareness month, AFSP shares tools, resources and creative ways to have a #RealConvo with the people in your life. You don’t need special training to have an open, authentic conversation about mental health. Often, just talking about it can be the first important step in staying connected for yourself or someone else and helping get support or treatment if needed.

Learn more about how you can get involved in the month-long activities below. Check back often, as we will be adding new ways to have a #RealConvo together.

Some Quick Tips for Having a #RealConvo About Mental Health include:

  • When someone is struggling, just listen
  • Let the other person share at their own speed
  • Don’t pass judgement or offer advice — just be there
  • We all experience mental health differently, and that’s okay
  • Check back in, and offer to connect them to help if they need it

Download the #RealConvo guides

How to Start (and Continue!) a Conversation About Mental Health
Reaching Out for Help
If Someone Tells You They’re Thinking About Suicide
How to Talk to a Suicide Loss Survivor

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Discover real stories

Video Tips on How to Have a #RealConvo About Mental Health

For Mental Health Awareness Month, we’ve been encouraging people to have a #RealConvo about mental health.

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It’s Okay Not to Be Okay

It is okay not to be okay. No one is perfect. We all have something we’re dealing with. The more we share, the easier it is to heal and live a healthy life.

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Find the Sweet Potato

A recipe worth sticking around for.

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What I Want People to Know About My Suicide Attempt

"I still pass that section of the highway all the time. I stand tall today, affected by my experience, but still alive."

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Around the Table

The responsibility lies with all of us to pay attention to who used to be around the table, and who isn’t any longer.

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Six Mindfulness Tips

Mindfulness helps us to slow down and really experience life.

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Advice on Talking to Someone with Suicidal Thoughts…from Someone Who’s Had Suicidal Thoughts

What matters most is that you simply walk with them through this valley, and that you never, never, never give up.

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I’m Your Canvas: Four Tips on How to Have a #RealConvo with a Friend

Hopefully these tips can empower you to have a #RealConvo, and be a helpful canvas to the people in your life.

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Finding Strength, Help, and Hope by Having a #RealConvo

As difficult as it was to go through all of this, the hardest part was admitting I needed help. Reaching out for help was one of the scariest things I’ve ever had to do, but I knew it had to be done.

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May events calendar

  • #GivingTuesdayNow

    All Day May 5

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  • Twitter Chat

    May 7 @ 1:00 pm EST

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  • AFSP-Hosted Twitter Chat

    May 13 @ 2:00 pm EST

    Follow along using #realconvo

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  • Dr. Christine Moutier on Facebook @afspnational with NowThis

    May 12 @ 1:00 pm EST

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  • Dr. Christine Moutier and Lana Condor on Instagram Live @Netflix

    May 14 @ 7:00 pm EST

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  • SAMSHA Suicide Prevention Awareness Day

    All Day May 15

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  • Launch of Streaming Together to Save Lives campaign on Tiltify

    All Day May 18

    In honor #MentalHealthAwarenessMonth, please join us all week long in support of our mission! Together, we can help spread the word that we’re here for one another. Learn more on Tiltify

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  • Ask Dr. Jill Live with The Mighty

    May 20 @ 1:00 pm EST

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  • Dr. Doreen Marshall on Facebook @afspnational with NowThis

    May 27 @ 1:00 pm EST

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