Someone Who Understands

May 20, 2019- As someone who lives with bipolar 1 disorder, I wanted to write a poem for those who may be struggling with their mental health and are thinking about reaching out for help. I also wanted to encourage others to support the people in their lives, just by being there, having a #RealConvo with them, and lending an ear during someone’s time of need.

When I write in the poem that, “reaching out with a grain of sand is tantamount to screaming from the Himalayas,” what I mean is that I know that asking someone for help – which might seem like a small thing – is incredibly brave, especially for someone who may feel as though they are a burden to others.

The line, “Your wingspan curved round my ribs sealed with a forehead kiss,” is my way of representing the feeling I’ve experienced when I’ve reached out for help, and how much something so simple – receiving a hug – meant so much.

When you think that your lust for life
Will never return
and that that flame never again will burn
here’s something that I’ve learned:
I know now that reaching out with a grain of sand is tantamount to screaming from the Himalayas to a person like me, who understands.

What do you say to a person whose hope and lust for life has wilted away
Besides “I’ll never stray?”
What happens when you just can’t relate?

Your wingspan curved round my ribs sealed with a forehead kiss
your silence and eye contact
how you hold my hand squeeze it tight and tell me it’s okay to not be alright

Help me, my good friends
You know who you are
Know that my illness doesn’t define me
My scars are not wasted property, there are intergalactic stars in me I’m not bound to a single galaxy
And trust, I’m not just talking about me
I speak for you: the one who’s lost their lust for life
I promise you, love, if you reach out with a grain of sand
Something WILL happen
Take it from me:
Someone who understands.


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