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Adam’s House

AFSP makes the support group listings directory for suicide loss survivors available as a public service and does not run, recommend, endorse, or fund any of the groups listed. In addition, we do not monitor individual groups and only update information as it is made available to us by the facilitators and/or sponsoring organizations.

Please follow up with the listed contact to ensure their group is still active and confirm both meeting times and location.

Meeting Place

241 Coram Ave
Shelton,ConnecticutShelton-Derby, CT

Meeting Time(s)

The group meets continuously throughout the year. Meetings are held weekly on Wednesdays from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Sarah Domena
[email protected]

Group Demographic

Adam’s House is a no-cost, grief and loss education center for children and their families. Through our 8-week theme-based “Helping Hearts Heal” program participants receive peer support, expression and positive-play, educational programming, and coping skills to overcome the loss of a loved one in a warm, caring atmosphere. Located in Shelton, Adam’s House is the only free-standing grief center in Fairfield County, and is available to all Connecticut residents. For more information please visit: or call us at (203) 513-2808.

Group Type

This group is closed, which means that new members may join only at specific times or under certain circumstances.


You must set-up an intake appointment with a staff member. This can be done by booking online at or call us at (203) 513-2808.


Fellow loss survivor



Hosting/Sponsoring Organization

Adam's House

Additional Information

Our groups run 4 times per year, for 8-weeks.