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Healing After Suicide

Lawrence, Douglas County, Kansas, USA

Healing After Suicide

AFSP makes the support group listings directory for suicide loss survivors available as a public service and does not run, recommend, endorse, or fund any of the groups listed. In addition, we do not monitor individual groups and only update information as it is made available to us by the facilitators and/or sponsoring organizations.

Please follow up with the listed contact to ensure their group is still active and confirm both meeting times and location.

Meeting Place

Please contact me for location details, as well as special events.

Meeting Time(s)

The group meets continuously throughout the year. Meetings are held Every other Tuesday evening from 6:30-8:15pm


Marcia Epstein
[email protected]

Group Demographic

We welcome people “college age or above” to our support group.  We also provide individual and family support, and a lending library, all also available to even younger people.

Group Type

This group is open, which means that new members may join at any time.


In advance of attending the first meeting, let’s have a phone, videocall, or in-person conversation, to meet each other and learn enough to determine in advance whether the group is likely to help in the ways you are seeking.  Thanks.


Mental health professional and fellow loss survivor


Suggested donation: Those who are able, donate. People are welcome regardless of donation.

Hosting/Sponsoring Organization


Additional Information

I provide support groups, retreats, workshops, and other special events to support people living with: suicide grief, suicide thoughts, self-harm, attempts; and/or supporting suicidal loved ones.  Many of us are affected by more than one of those experiences, and it is essential we can give and receive information and support for all of those.

I, the contact person and facilitator,  have personal experience with suicide grief, as well as a great deal of professional training and experience.