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Survivors of Loved Ones Suicide - New Braunfels, Texas Chapter

New Braunfels, Comal County, Texas, USA

Survivors of Loved Ones Suicide – New Braunfels, Texas Chapter

AFSP makes the support group listings directory for suicide loss survivors available as a public service and does not run, recommend, endorse, or fund any of the groups listed. In addition, we do not monitor individual groups and only update information as it is made available to us by the facilitators and/or sponsoring organizations.

Please follow up with the listed contact to ensure their group is still active and confirm both meeting times and location.

Meeting Place

Comal MH
358 Landa St. Suite 300
New Braunfels,Texas78130

Meeting Time(s)

The group meets continuously throughout the year. Meetings are held monthly on the last Wednesday of the month from 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm.


Joanne Cruz
[email protected]

Group Type

This group is open, which means that new members may join at any time.


It is preferred, but not required that a new survivor contact the facilitator before their first meeting. Because survivor’s stories can sometimes be detailed, we ask that a first time survivor consider a little time before attending their first meeting.  Shock is the initial feeling after a loved one passes by way of suicide and hearing stories very early on may hurt more rather than help the healing in the beginning.


Fellow loss survivor



Additional Information

The entrance to our meetings and parking is on the right side of the building.

Survivors of Loved Ones Suicide is a peer-led, non-denominational support for you, the survivor of a loved one who has passed by way of suicide. We’re dedicated to helping each other and ourselves work through the emotional turmoil caused by such a traumatic death.

SOLOS is dedicated to helping you through your journey while relating with our own stories of survival. Other survivors that have experienced the same tragic loss are sensitive to your needs and we can also offer other resources to aid in coping and healthy long -term healing.

  • Adults 18 and older
  • No childcare provided
  • Supporters of family or friends are welcome, but no “observers or visitors” will be allowed.  Please call the facilitator first if you have any reservations about our views on this request.

Please be sensitive to this specific detail:

This group is not for anyone who has survived their own suicide attempt or anyone that is feeling suicidal now or has had suicidal thoughts in the past.