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Tagged: Annual Report

Navigating Out of the Darkness

I think a big misconception is that those with lived experience are selfish or weak. We are neither. Mental health can be like a labyrinth, and it takes a lot to navigate out of the darkness.

By William Floyd

Finding Strength Through Connection As a Healing Conversations Coordinator

My wife Alice and I had known each other for 35 years and been married for 33 years. Losing her to suicide in 2016 was a terrible, traumatic experience. It was the people I met through AFSP who convinced me to become involved as a volunteer. I realized that we gain more strength through connection.

By Paul Augustyniak

Talk Saves Lives: How I’m Educating the Next Generation of Nurses

My interest in helping those with mental health challenges originated when I was working as a Registered Nurse in an inpatient psychiatric unit. I worked with families who struggled to understand the dynamics of their loved ones who were experiencing distress.

By Santhiny Rajamohan, Ph.D.