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The Rev. Charles Lane Cowen attending a Stronger Communities: LBGTQ+ Suicide Prevention conference.

Finding Hope Through Religion: Together, We Can Stop Suicide in the Queer Community

As a queer Christian, I see how much pain and suffering my queer siblings face, and the statistics around suicide in the LGBTQ community are heartbreaking. Through organizations such as AFSP and The Trevor Project, I have learned so much about suicide prevention in the LGBTQ community.

AFSP North Texas chapter volunteer William Floyd wearing a dark blue t-shirt and looking at the camera.

Navigating Out of the Darkness

I think a big misconception is that those with lived experience are selfish or weak. We are neither. Mental health can be like a labyrinth, and it takes a lot to navigate out of the darkness.

Take pride in your mental health journey

AFSP Community Conversation: What Advice Would You Give to Someone Struggling with their Identity?

In honor of Pride month, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention asked our Instagram followers what advice they would give to someone struggling with their identity.

You matter

AFSP Community Conversation: What Does Pride Month Mean to You?

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention asked our Instagram followers to share what Pride month means to them.

Headshot of Josephine Jessie

Respect and Love Are Lifesaving

When we extend respect to people and love them, it truly is lifesaving. I know this because it has been people’s respect and love that has saved my life more times than I can count. Most of the people who had a positive impact on my life didn’t know the impact they had on me in those moments.

Transgender pride flag

Joint Statement by The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The Trevor Project

AFSP has enlisted its volunteer-led chapters in several states, including Florida, Tennessee, Idaho and South Carolina, to support LGBTQ communities and make opposition to these harmful bills a priority for their meetings with state and local public officials.

Alanna Kennedy

Suicide or Transition: Making the Most Difficult Choice of My Life

I grew up in Scotland and spent my first 49 years living there. I knew internally I was female since the age of 14, but when I looked in the mirror – and when others looked at me – a male person was who we all saw.

Mitchel Leet (he/him/his)

Being Who I Needed When I Was Younger

There is no community or school district that doesn’t have people needing to hear the specific message that it is okay to be who they are, and have that be backed up by a willingness to connect them to truly affirming services that meet their needs for mental health care, medical care, housing, advocacy, and more.

Man standing in front of photo light

Suicide Prevention and Hula Hooping: Making a Difference in My Local LGBTQ Community

As a way of getting myself out of my funk – and inspired by AFSP’s amazing volunteers – I decided to get more involved with my local chapter. I am a proud member of the LGBTQ community, and have a strong interest in expanding access to mental health and suicide prevention resources for others in the LGBTQ community.

Yellow banner with lifesavers

Providing Care and Support for the LGBTQ Community Following a Suicide Death

How a suicide loss in the LGBTQ community is handled can set the tone for the public’s response. You might hear, “They died by suicide because they were transgender.” Too often, explanations about a suicide death are reduced to a person’s sexual orientation and/or gender identity. However, suicide is far more complex.

Dark blue banner with lifesavers

Joint Statement by The Trevor Project and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and The Trevor Project today released this statement encouraging legislators and others with decision-making power to support and protect trans youth and improve access to best-practice medical care for trans patients and their families, including mental health care.