What we want to say to the Next President about Suicide Prevention

We asked our followers what they would say say to the next president about the importance of suicide prevention and access to mental healthcare. Here are some of the responses we received:

“It is of the utmost importance that we, as a nation, have proper and prompt access to education and care for those with mental health illnesses.” –Dustin, VA

“Mental health needs to be as important as physical health when it comes to promoting health to the public. This means in the workplace and schools and in the community.” –Austin, CO

“There should be more focus on mental health and there should be federal funding to support these important services. I am a suicide loss survivor and the new president should do all he/she can to help the many people in the United States who have been affected by suicide.” –Despina, CT


“Suicide and mental health go hand in hand, we need to have an open forum for this topic and explore the best ways to end suicide and increase insurance coverage for mental health care in the United States.” –Raymona, LA

“I would love to see a federal mental health education plan put in place, so that those who are suffering from depression or suicidal thoughts or any other mental affliction instinctively know where to find help, rather than feeling lost and alone and confused about where to find help. I hope that mental healthcare and suicide prevention will be a priority for you during your presidency. So many of us suffer, and too many amazing lives have already been lost.” –Leah, IL

“Mental health is Medical Health, and should be treated equally.  So many people do not have access to quality mental health care because their insurance does not cover it.”  –Elisha, MD

“We have to spend more time, money, and research on the biological causes of and contributors to depression and suicide.” –Erin, OR

“We MUST bring awareness to mental health issues and bring suicide out of the darkness.  We are losing way too many people because they are ashamed and embarrassed to ask for help.  We also need to make access to affordable mental health care a lot easier. I lost my only sibling November 19, 2014 to suicide.  His name was Mark.”  –Donna, NC

“Please figure out a way to help our rural states get mental health services to people who desperately need them.” –Dorea, MT

“90% of the people who die by suicide have a treatable mental illness. Help #StopSuicide by increasing access to mental healthcare services and increasing funding for research.” –Dionne, NY

“Our country desperately needs more and improved access to mental healthcare services. There is a serious deficit of resources available to those suffering from mental illnesses, particularly for children and adolescents. We need to invest in more facilities, education, awareness, and prevention. It is also very important that we make it more affordable by providing better coverage to those who are suffering.” –Elisabeth, MI

“There is a definite need for more education on the warning signs of suicide and for more support for our active duty and military veterans and service personnel dealing with PTSD.” –Jennifer, TX

“Mental healthcare is the most important issue facing us today. Please make it a priority for the well-being and happiness of our nation’s people. Thank you.” –April, VA

“Improved access to mental healthcare is extremely important especially in rural areas without many healthcare options. For this reason all hospitals need improved care for mental illnesses and suicide attempt survivors. The government needs to provide major funding for suicide prevention programs and research to #StopSuicide.” –Alyse, PA

“Access to good mental health services is critical to saving lives. We need systematic improvements to the system so that people will want to reach out for help and so they have positive therapeutic experiences.” –Lisa, WA


“As someone who has lost a loved one to suicide, I cannot begin to stress the importance of suicide education and prevention. Although it still remains a silent issue in our nation, I trust that as the POTUS you will do everything possible to make the community aware and safe.” –Deb, WY

“Please make mental health more than just a campaign promise.” –Mary, CA

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