Together, We Can #StopSuicide

We Can Save Lives

As one of the leading causes of death in this country, suicide is a public health crisis. We know through research that it can be prevented. By creating a culture that’s smart about mental health, advocating for legislative policies that make suicide prevention a priority, and funding innovative research, we can save lives.

Join the Movement

Founded in 1987 by a group of families who joined with scientists to establish a source of support for suicide research and education, AFSP is now the largest private funder of suicide prevention research.

We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has grown from a small grassroots network into a movement of over a million people.

Suicide Affects
Us All

Each year, one in five people struggle with mental health challenges, and more than 40,000 take their lives. We all know someone who has been affected by these issues.

Taking Action

AFSP has announced Project 2025, with the bold goal of reducing the annual suicide rate in the U.S. 20 percent by the year 2025. Drawing on input from a national advisory panel of leading experts, we are identifying specific strategies that will save the most lives in the shortest amount of time.

AFSP has chapters in all 50 states, leading the charge in:


Through initiatives like Healing Conversations, which connects trained loss survivors with people whose grief is recent. Conferences across the country for International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day. Outreach for those currently struggling.


Finding better ways to prevent suicide through research. Findings from our studies have shaped prevention efforts around the world. Since 1987, the organization has funded more than 552 research grants totaling more than $34 million.


Sharing evidence-based education programs including Talk Saves Lives™, It’s Real: College Students and Mental Health, and More Than Sad, which show our communities how to recognize signs of distress, and connect people with help.


Pushing for key federal and state legislation – such as mandatory suicide prevention training for educators, and funding for mental health resources – through advocacy with the help of our politically engaged volunteers across the country.

This is a Fight
We Can Win

Walk to Raise

Our Community, Campus, and Overnight Out of the Darkness Walks help bring the issue of suicide into the light. Each year, hundreds of thousands of people walk together in communities across the country to honor those we’ve lost.

Be a Lifesaver

The vast majority of our funding comes from individual donors like you, and we work hard to make the most of your donations. We keep our administrative costs low and focus on impact, and we are consistently ranked one of the best nonprofit organizations. We meet the standards for good governance set by the Better Business Bureau and the National Health Council, and are highly ranked by Charity Navigator, the guide to intelligent giving.

Through your generous donations, you can help AFSP continue to provide support and education, seek to further understand and prevent suicide, advocate for smarter policies, and ensure that no one has to face suicide alone.

Through your support, we can save lives.

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With local programs and events in all 50 states, AFSP’s chapters are at the forefront of suicide prevention.

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We all have a role to play in preventing suicide. Learn how you can join the fight.