Share support resources related to suicide/mental health Stress the importance of safe firearms storage among staff Inform staff of contact person and how to handle customer/ media inquiries about the incident (discuss sample statement) Inform staff of procedures if family of deceased contacts facility Remind staff not to share information publicly about incident (including not sharing on social media) Call staff unable to attend meeting to notify of incident and procedures Decide if there is a need to notify customers and/or members that were present the day of the incident (i.e., the incident occurred on site) and mechanism for notification (email) Draft notification (see sample on page 6) for customers and/or members, if applicable Determine if anyone from the deceased’s family has contacted facility or if contact with family of deceased will occur (recommended to consult legal) Within 1-2 Weeks of the Incident Follow up with staff (either follow-up meeting or individually) to check in, answer questions, provide more information/resources Review facility policies and procedures to determine if revisions are needed If yes, communicate those to staff Monitor reactions of staff and meet one-on-one with anyone who shows signs of distress and provide resources If you had planned to notify your customers and/or members, make sure notification has occurred Decide if additional/ongoing consultation (legal, insurer, mental health) is needed