5 Addressing Your Staff Cooperate with law enforcement, and find out what is known. Soon after the incident, meet with your staff to let them know a suicide death has occurred. Be sure to call staff unable to be present. Let them know that suicide is the result of just one cause, but is the result of multiple health-related and life pressures that pile up like a perfect storm. Share only facts about the death itself. Avoid speculation about any particular circumstances that may come to light. Answering Questions Prepare staff for how you would like them to answer potential questions about the death asked by customers/others. You might provide a sample statement, such as: “We had a death on site yesterday, which is why we were closed. There is an ongoing investigation, but early reports suggest it may have been a suicide. We are all very affected by what has happened. Customer safety is our number one priority. We have information about suicide prevention here if you are interested.” Keep any information shared to a minimum, and only the facts. You may want to consult an attorney and have one person be the point of contact for legal inquiries. It may also be best to appoint one person, such as the owner or a manager, to handle media inquiries.