After a Suicide: A Checklist for Firearms Retailers and/or Ranges You can use the blank spaces below to list relevant names and contact information. Immediately Following the Incident Notify law enforcement, if applicable Secure facility (if range: may have to close facility) Contact biohazard cleanup company Meet with staff member(s) present at the time of the incident or firearms sale to gather information and debrief Determine if the deceased was known to facility (regular customer, for example) Notify insurer of incident Notify staff on site and make plans for staff meeting Decide if mental health professional is needed for staff meeting and if so, schedule time for the person to attend Decide who will be primary contact for outside (customer/media) inquiries Notify legal counsel and media counsel Within 24-48 Hours of the Incident Call staff meeting to share information about the incident (if having mental health professional, could occur here or at follow-up meeting) Staff meeting to-dos: Share facts known about the death and allow staff to share reactions Provide general information about suicide Continued >