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Research grant application review process

Our grant review is a multi-staged, peer-reviewed process. Applications are submitted electronically through our grant application program.

Participants in the grant application review process

Each year Scientific Council members are invited to recommend scientists to become Scientific Advisors. Scientific Advisors serve as reviewers for grant applications as well as AFSP experts. We seek a broad range of reviewers to address the array of scientific areas necessary to effectively review applications. We maintain a geographically diverse, international review panel. If advisors in specific areas are needed, this is noted in the request for nominations. The active list of Scientific Advisors is available on AFSP’s website and Scientific Council members are encouraged to review the list and provide suggestions based on areas of expertise that may be underrepresented.

Scientific Advisors must hold positions at the Associate Professor level or above and must be actively engaged in research. All suggestions are submitted to the Vice President of Research for review with the Chief Medical Officer. Those that meet eligibility requirements are sent letters of invitation describing the role of Scientific Advisors. Once an individual agrees to become an AFSP Scientific Advisor they are asked to complete an Expertise Form indicating their areas of expertise for entry into our data base. The form is used as a tool for assisting in the matching of Scientific Advisors and applications.

Scientific Advisors who have reviewed grants for several years and have provided exemplary reviews may be considered for membership in the Research Grants Committee (RGC). The Scientific Council approves Scientific Advisors for eligibility as potential members of the RGC. Efforts are made to maintain geographic and scientific diversity in the membership of the RGC. RGC members serve a three year term with the option of an invitation to serve another three year term. They must rotate off the RGC for at least one year before they can be considered for re-eligibility as a member. They may serve as an ad hoc reviewed if needed.

Process of AFSP grant reviews