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Are you in a crisis? Call or text 988 or text TALK to 741741

¿Estás en una crisis? Llama o envía un mensaje de texto al 988 o envía un mensaje de texto con AYUDA al 741741

Advocacy resources

Find resources to help new and seasoned advocates become more familiar with AFSP’s Public Policy Priorities and ways to make a difference as a Volunteer Advocate with AFSP.

Advocate training videos

These training videos are valuable to all advocates to help understand the legislative process, where you fit as an advocate for suicide prevention, and how you can make a difference in communicating with and educating your federal, state, and local lawmakers.

Legislative resources

Get updated on the latest suicide facts and figures, learn what state laws are in place in each of our policy areas, see what federal and state bills AFSP is currently supporting this legislative session, and view any elections that may be coming up.

Issue briefs

These resources offer an in depth look at some of AFSP’s top public policy priorities. Readers will better understand the need for policy change in these areas, learn AFSP’s policy position, and view state laws across the country with respect to each priority. 


Hosted by the AFSP Public Policy Office and featuring other mental health and suicide prevention experts, these videos offer a more in depth look at some of our top policy areas. Sign up as an AFSP Volunteer Advocate to receive updates on future webinars (


Featuring AFSP staff and volunteers, these blogs give readers an inside look at how changes to suicide prevention and mental health policies are making an impact on the ground.

#RealConvo & Speaking Out About Suicide resources

Share your story safely with the Speaking Out About Suicide and #RealConvo guides. Arranged in an easy-to-read, step-by-step format, our #RealConvo Guides cover the following topics: