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Stories written by Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman, AFSP Vice President of Research

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Self-Care Goals for the New Year: Compassion, Respect, Patience, and Persistence

I’m not typically one for New Year’s resolutions. I’m more of a goal-setter. At the start of each year, I set a few goals that I use as a guide. Since I work in the mental health field, I’ve decided that this year, 2023, my goals will be set for self-care.

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Join Me in Advocating for Suicide Prevention Research Funding

When it comes to suicide prevention, there are many important things for which we need to advocate. As the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention’s Vice President of Research, funding for suicide prevention research is at the top of my list!

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Managing COVID 19 – and Our Mental Health – in 2022

Advice about managing your mental health during the pandemic

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Raising the Bar for Suicide Prevention: Reflecting on the 2021 International Summit for Suicide Prevention Research

This year’s International Summit for Suicide Research highlighted the importance of research, supporting a researcher community, and sharing ideas and findings to help the field grow so we may save more lives in the future.

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Highlighting the True Connection Between Research and Suicide Prevention

In those moments when a supposedly “non-science person” backs away because they find the idea of science and research dry or scary, it reminds me of the need to build that connection, so we can develop people’s interest and understanding of the important role research plays in preventing this leading cause of death.

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Rethinking Thanksgiving: Five Tips for Finding Joy and Hope in the Midst of Change

Thanksgiving is coming. Chances are, it’s going to feel different this year, and maybe in some ways you’re not looking forward to. But don’t worry. We can do this!

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Suicide Prevention Research in Action: Meeting People Where They Are

Suicide may accompany anxiety and depression, so this conference was a great place to share what we know about suicide prevention.

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Why Aren’t All Mental Health Professionals Trained in Suicide Prevention

It is imperative that we educate all mental health professionals about the complexities of suicide, and what they can do to save lives.

Does suicide always run in families?

Ask Dr. Jill: Does Suicide Always Run in Families?

My dad took his life a little over four years ago. I found him and since he didn't leave a note, there were a lot of unanswered questions.