Daniel Killpack makes donations go further by redesigning systems and processes. He is an expert in helping nonprofits reach scale, and his leadership has made it possible for AFSP’s work to keep pace with its rapid growth.

Since joining the team in 2012, Killpack has completely restructured the accounting system to improve reporting accuracy. He has streamlined or automated administrative processes so staff and volunteers can spend more time on prevention and support programs, and is currently leading the overhaul of AFSP’s budgeting and financial planning systems in order to bring even greater visibility to the impact of AFSP’s work in research, education, advocacy, and support.

Killpack is a co-founder of the Family to Family mentoring program, and has held leadership roles at the American India Foundation, KPMG, Care International, and Partnership with Children.

He holds three master’s degrees, one from the University of Southern California in business, the second from Baruch College in public administration, and he earned a master’s degree from City College in dance research and reconstruction. Killpack also holds two bachelor’s degrees from the University of Utah in psychology and modern dance.