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Double Dough

25 Oct 2021 — 1 min read

Double Dough

The AFSP New Jersey Chapter would like to shout out Double Dough for their support of the Hoboken Out of the Darkness Walk. They created individually wrapped cookies for our walkers on walk day. Double Dough is a hobby baking venture started by Jordan and Joelle about eight years ago. After recognizing the joy baking for others could bring, the twins gave hand-decorated cookies a try as Christmas decorations and the rest is history! Today, Double Dough specializes in custom, hand-decorated cookies for any occasion along with content creation of approachable baking recipes.

AFSP Double Dough

They started Double Dough to bring joy to others through food. They have taught multiple classes for local youth organizations and have taught Michael’s Craft Store Community Classes. Because of the hobby nature of their endeavor, they mostly bake for family, friends, and neighbors, but their favorite is to bake for local organizations.

Throughout the pandemic, they had the chance to connect with so many people through custom cookies—making donations to establishments such as the Hudson County Chest Clinic, the Senior Center in Hoboken, 4 Little Souls Inc., Gilmore Middle School in Baltimore, and more. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @double_dough!

Double Dough

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