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Brain Connectivity Networks and Predictors of Rapid Improvement in Suicidal Ideation Among Veterans

2017 Young Investigator Grant
Amount Awarded: $85,000
Focus Areas: Neurobiological Studies, Clinical Treatment Studies

Lynnette Averill, Ph.D.

Lynnette Averill, Ph.D.
National Center for PTSD / Yale University

Mentor: Gerard Sanacora, M.D., Ph.D., Yale University

Inside the Research

Question: How does ketamine reduce suicidal ideation among veterans with PTSD?

Strategy: Veterans with PTSD and suicidal ideation will be treated with ketamine. A new method of brain imaging, Intrinsic Connectivity Distribution Analysis, will be used to measure brain changes.

Impact: A novel approach to treating PTSD and reducing suicidal ideation and risk.