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Hospital Management of Suicidal Older Adults and Subsequent Mortality in Medicare and Medicare Advantage Enrollees

2020 Young Investigator Grant
Amount Awarded: $88,548
Focus Areas: Psychosocial Studies, Clinical Treatment Studies

Timothy Schmutte, Psy.D.

Timothy Schmutte, Psy.D.
Yale University

Mentor: Steven Marcus, Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

Inside the Research

Older adults are the fastest growing age group seeking emergency care for suicidal ideation and have the highest suicide rate following hospital management of suicidal thoughts and behaviors. However, we lack information about the quality of mental health care and differences in suicide mortality among older adults enrolled in Medicare. The investigators will combine healthcare data from national Medicare claims with interviews of older adults and clinicians. The goal is to improve quality of care and post-discharge support for suicidal older adults.