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Interpersonal Physiological Synchrony in Prediction of Patient Suicidality in Clinician-patient Dyads

2022Pilot Research Grant

Amount Awarded: $29,999

Focus Areas: , Neurobiological Studies

Min Eun Jeon, M.A.

Min Eun Jeon, M.A.

Florida State University

Inside the Research

Interpersonal physiological synchrony refers to the degree to which physiological processes (e.g., heart rate) in the human body “synchronize” among people and allow people to “feel” another’s emotions. Such degree of synchrony in patient-clinician dyads may capture the emotional and interpersonal difficulties experienced by suicidal patients. Interpersonal physiological synchrony in clinician-patient dyads will be investigated as a novel predictor of patient suicidal thoughts and behaviors, as well as the feasibility and acceptability of its use.