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Racial Discrimination, Emotion Reactivity and Dysregulation, and Suicide Risk in a Clinical Sample of Black and Latinx Adolescents

2022 Young Investigator Grant
Amount Awarded: $89,159
Focus Areas: Neurobiological Studies, Psychosocial Studies

Lillian Polanco-Roman, Ph.D.

Lillian Polanco-Roman, Ph.D.
The New School

Mentor: Vilma Gabbay, M.D., Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Inside the Research

In recent years, suicide and suicidal behaviors have disproportionately increased among ethnoracially underrepresented youth populations in the U.S. To address the racial and ethnic disparity in youth suicidal behaviors, this study will use behavioral tasks and inflammation-related biomarkers to explore potential pathways through which experiences of racism may increase suicide-related risk among Black and Latinx adolescents from an under-resourced community. Findings from this study will help improve the cultural responsiveness of suicide prevention strategies.