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Suicidal Behavior and Neuroinflammation: A Pilot Study

2022 Distinguished Investigator Grant
Amount Awarded: $125,000
Focus Area: Neurobiological Studies

Emil Coccaro, M.D.

Emil Coccaro, M.D.
Ohio State College University of Medicine

Inside the Research

Inflammation in the brain has been implicated as playing a role in suicidal behavior. The aim of this proposal is to conduct a pilot positron emission tomography (PET) neuroimaging study of Translocation Protein (TSPO), which is a marker of neuroinflammation in the brain. The study will be conducted in adults with current unipolar major depressive disorder (MDD) who have been hospitalized for a recent suicide attempt. The results of this study will be compared to those of similar patients who have MDD but no life history of a suicide attempt. Research results may indicate that reducing neuroinflammation using therapies that are anti-inflammatory in nature may be effective.