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Surviving Suicide and Opioid-related Loss: Examining Needs, Support, and Grief Trajectories

2018 Pilot Research Grant
Amount Awarded: $30,000
Focus Area: Loss Survivor Studies

Jamison Bottomley, M.S.

Jamison Bottomley, M.S.
University of Memphis

Inside the Research

Question: Are grief and need for support different among people who have experienced a loss by suicide compared to those with loss by opioids or other causes?

Strategy: An online assessment consisting of open-ended questions and validated measures of psychiatric symptoms, grief, trauma and suicidal ideation and behavior will be used to learn about surviving the death of a loved one due to suicide, opioids, and other causes. Measures will be administered repeatedly over time to examine grief and use of support.

Impact: Interventions for suicide and opioid loss survivors.