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Validating the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ) for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder and Neurodevelopmental Disability

2019 Standard Research Grant
Amount Awarded: $100,000
Focus Area: Psychosocial Studies

Paul Lipkin, M.D.

Paul Lipkin, M.D.
Hugo W. Moser Research Institute at Kennedy Krieger, Inc.

Grant Information

Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other Neurodevelopmental Disorders (ASD/NDD), including Intellectual Disability (ID) are at elevated risk for suicide. Currently, there are no suicide-risk screening instruments designed specifically for individuals with ASD/NDD. This study will investigate whether it is possible to use the Ask Suicide-Screening Questions (ASQ), a validated suicide-risk screening tool originally designed for typically developing youth, for assessing suicide risk in youth with ASD/NDD.