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About L.E.T.S. Save Lives

L.E.T.S. Save Lives: An Introduction to Suicide Prevention for Black and African American Communities is a presentation created in concert with an Advisory Committee of experts in Black and African American mental health and suicide prevention, designed to reduce cultural stigma, foster conversations about mental health, and raise awareness of suicide prevention for individuals who identify as Black or African American. While the program is designed for Black and African American audiences, it is open to anyone (18+) who wishes to attend. The program is grounded in research and delivered by trained presenters who identify as having lived experience within Black and African American Communities

Participants will:

  • Learn the scope of suicide among the Black and African American population   
  • Understand the racial and systemic factors that impact suicide in the Black and African American communities
  • Identify suicide risk and protective factors for Black and African American communities   
  • Recognize warning signs of suicide   
  • Gain confidence in talking to someone in suicidal distress
  • Learn how to connect someone with help

Participants will receive education on mental health and suicide prevention through activity-based learning, and take-home materials to use if needed in the future. The goal of this new program is to create conversations in Black communities around mental health and encourage help-seeking to prevent suicide and suicide attempts. 

AFSP is committed to the equitable practice of ensuring programs are developed by the communities in which to serve. Therefore, this program was created by an Advisory Committee of experts in Black and African American mental health and suicide prevention, researchers, clinicians, survivors of suicide loss as well as those with lived experience. The visual design was developed in partnership with Joy Collective, a Black and woman-owned cultural marketing agency. 

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