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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

This May for Mental Health Awareness Month, we’re sending the message that no one’s mental health is fully supported until everyone’s mental health is fully supported. That’s why for our #MentalHealth4All campaign, we’re encouraging everyone to get involved by taking one simple action to encourage their friends, family, and community to take their own and others’ mental health seriously.

Your one #MentalHealth4All action could be as simple as reaching out to someone in your life to see how they’re doing; starting a conversation with someone close to you about a topic you have difficult feelings about; or letting your group of friends know you’re comfortable talking to them about anything they’re going through. You can support #MentalHealth4All by advocating for legislation that addresses the disparity in mental healthcare access for underrepresented communities; joining a walk; bringing suicide prevention education, research or support programs to your school or workplace to ensure that more people around you know that mental health is a vital part of everyone’s life; or spreading the word about your local AFSP chapter to ensure that every member of your community has the support they and their loved ones need during a difficult time.

Everyone has different experiences with their own mental health, and their own preferred methods of care and support. It’s important that we all remain open and ready to listen to others’ points of view and perspectives, especially during this challenging time in our history. We all have mental health, and by taking one simple action, we can each help influence massive collective change to support #MentalHealth4All.

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