Interactive Screening Program

An essential tool for any organization with on-site counselors, ISP breaks the barriers that keep people from seeking help for mental health conditions

One of the biggest challenges in mental health is getting people to seek treatment. Organizations can provide counseling services and encourage help-seeking, but people still face barriers to seeking help: embarrassment, stigma, cost, or simply not knowing what services are available. ISP’s unique platform empowers people suffering from mental health conditions who wouldn’t otherwise reach out, and it’s proven to increase engagement with counseling services.

Unlike other screening programs, ISP creates a personal connection

On-site counselors review completed questionnaires and provide an individualized response. The anonymous dialogue that follows encourages users to schedule an appointment and start treatment. Last year alone, ISP connected over 30,000 people experiencing severe distress to a counselor.

Hundreds of campuses, Fortune 500 companies, and other organizations rely on ISP

It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and makes the most of your current counseling services. You’ll streamline intake, lower liability, and make mental health a priority at your organization.

Help bring the Interactive Screening Program to your organization.

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