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We are the largest private funder of suicide prevention research

AFSP began as a research organization dedicated to finding the best ways to prevent suicide, and thanks to donors like you we’ve been able to fund millions in research across multiple scientific disciplines. Click here to learn about the top ten findings in suicide prevention research.

Much of what is known about suicide comes from studies that AFSP has funded

Our studies open up new areas of inquiry, and our council of scientific advisers helps set the national research agenda.

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Help us find better ways to prevent suicide

We fund studies across multiple disciplines at all levels of investigation.

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Every day we're learning more

Watch how we’re using suicide research to learn more about suicide and how to prevent it.

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This is the story of suicide research

Findings from our studies have increased our understanding of suicide and shaped prevention efforts around the world.

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Cultivating the field of suicide research

We provide tools and training for new and experienced suicide researchers.

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And help the world’s leading researchers learn more about suicide and suicide prevention.

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