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Research grant management and reporting requirements

Find information about our requirements for managing your grant as well as reporting findings and acknowledging support from AFSP.

AFSP grantee checklist

The grantee checklist is designed to assist you in adhering to grant reporting requirements. Begin completing the form found here by adding reporting dates based on your start date. If you have questions about the form, contact [email protected].

Any deviation in the use of funds, subject recruitment, or direction of the research must be approved in advance by the Senior Director of Research and Special Projects. Send your letter— counter-signed by the financial officer, and your mentor, if appropriate—by email to [email protected].

If you need to request a no-cost extension for your grant, please complete and return the No-Cost Extension Budget form and the No-Cost Extension Revised Timeline form. Also include a signed letter explaining the cause of the delay and rationale for the extension, and explain what you hope to accomplish.

Additional grant management forms are linked below:

Initial grant payment

After receiving notification from AFSP of your grant award, and prior to your first payment, you will be required to submit the following to AFSP through our grants management system:

  • IRB approval: Provide a letter from your Institutional Review Board or committee for human subjects’ protection indicating their review and approval of the specific protocol AFSP has approved for funding. This letter must be dated within 12 months of the grant start date. The IRB approval must be in your name, and the project title on the IRB letter must exactly match the title on your AFSP grant application. The IRB must approve in writing any changes to your IRB-approved grant protocol, whether based on recommendations from the AFSP Research Grants Committee or for any other reason.
  • Financial Information Form: Indicate the individual at your institution to whom grant payments should be sent. Payments will be made on a quarterly basis throughout the grant period, pending your timely submission of required project reports.
  • Updated Timeline: Your timeline must be compatible with the intended start date and show anticipated dates for major project activities.
  • Updated Budget: Your budget must match the budget approved by AFSP in your grant application, with any subsequent changes approved by AFSP. This updated budget must be submitted even if your budget remains exactly as submitted and approved with your application. See form for more details.
  • Recent Photo: To be uploaded to our website and included in the process of research dissemination.

Subsequent payments

Your initial grant payment will be made after AFSP has received the materials listed above following your start date. Subsequent payments will be made contingent upon our receipt of your 6-Month Research and Financial Progress Report Forms.

We ask that you remain in regular communication with your grants officer and inform her or him of any changes in the status of your project.

Budgetary changes

Should you require amendments to your Initial Approved Budget, you must submit a completed version of the Revised Budget document available below. Budget changes must be approved prior to expenditures in order to guarantee that changes are allowable under AFSP’s granting policies.

Grant closeout

Within 60 days of the end date of the grant period AFSP must receive your Final Research and Financial Report Forms.

We expect all AFSP Suicide Research Grants Program grantees to publish their findings in appropriate scientific journals, with acknowledgment of AFSP support. Grantees should send AFSP an electronic copy of all published articles related to their grant.

Acknowledging your grant

Each publication, press release, presentation, poster or other document that cites results from your AFSP-supported research must include an acknowledgment of AFSP support. You must include the disclaimer:

“This project was supported by Grant SRG-0-200-17 awarded to [Grantee’s Name] from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.” The complete name of the foundation must be used in each acknowledgement.

Below are logos from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention to be used in presentation slides, on posters, websites or other appropriate media that cites your results. Click on the image to download the logo in jpg format or the links below the images to download in either jpg or high-resolution eps format. Should you require logos in other formats, please contact AFSP’s grants manager.