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SafeSide Prevention

SafeSide provides video-based training for health, behavioral health, community, and educational organizations who aspire to Zero Suicide.

To achieve the goals of Project 2025, AFSP sought a partner with shared values and expertise in primary care. SafeSide Prevention, founded by Dr. Tony Pisani, suicide prevention expert and primary care psychologist, was the right partner.

SafeSide works with state and provincial leaders who want training that scales, and a common language that unites the workforce across their region. Their SafeSide subscription is an opportunity to provide their employees with sustainable, year-round learning, and interactions with experts and like-minded professionals around the world.

You can play a part in connecting primary care providers to this sort of training by reaching out to your local chapter. Many AFSP chapters are currently sponsoring primary care training in their communities through Project 2025, AFSP’s bold goal to reduce the nation’s suicide rate by 20% by 2025. Once chapters make a referral to SafeSide Prevention, which provides the training, they can remain engaged in the process by offering lunch during the SafeSide training hours, or by offering other AFSP services to the doctor’s office and its patients and community, such as the education program Talk Saves Lives, as well as postvention support for after a suicide.

SafeSide training grew out of programs and studies conducted by Dr. Tony Pisani at the University of Rochester. Dr. Pisani teams with lived experience faculty, Kristina Mossgraber, and primary care providers at the University of Rochester to teach and model best practices. Research on the approach is ongoing.

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