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American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Announces Annual Research Grants Totaling Over $8 Million

October 25, 2022 – 3 min read


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NEW YORK (October 25, 2022) – So much of what we know today to understand and prevent suicide is due to research, such as that 90 percent of people who die by suicide have an underlying — and potentially treatable — mental health condition. Today, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP), announced 34 new research grants totaling $8.18 million making the organization’s total current investment in research $24 million. AFSP is the largest private funder of suicide prevention research in the United States and globally. The grants were awarded to researchers from across the world focused on suicide prevention.

AFSP leads the field of suicide research. Its investments are guided by the leading experts in suicide prevention through its Scientific Council. It also co-hosts the only international research conference in the world with the International Academy of Suicide Research. 

“AFSP shapes suicide prevention strategies around the world through our state-of-the-art research portfolio, and by funding, supporting and disseminating the most innovative and forward-thinking researchers and methodologically-sound studies,” said Dr. Jill Harkavy-Friedman, vice president of research, AFSP. “It’s scientific research that informs AFSP’s education programs that are presented in schools, workplaces, and other settings across the country. It’s through research that we know how to best support those who have been affected by suicide. AFSP was founded as a research organization dedicated to exploring how to save lives. Today, we continue to build on what we’ve learned, and answer the most important question of all: how to create a world without suicide.”

Each research application is reviewed by top suicide prevention researchers in the world. The research grants are funded mainly through small individual donations from volunteers who attend AFSP Out of the Darkness Walks. Many of these researchers will go on to receive further funding from the National Institute of Mental Health and other large funding agencies.

The 34 grants awarded this year address six key suicide research areas: (1) Neurobiological, (2) Genetics, (3) Psychosocial, (4) Clinical Treatment, (5) Loss Survivor and (6) Community Intervention. We welcome applications in all areas of suicide research and set research priorities to stimulate research in typically understudied areas to generate new research where it is needed. AFSP’s three priority areas are diversity, evaluation of technological tools for suicide prevention and survivors of suicide loss. 

Some areas examined by our newest grants include:

  • Suicide prevention programs for Black churches
  • Increasing mental health resiliency and preventing suicidal behavior in nurses
  • The effectiveness of ketamine and other interventions and treatments for managing suicidal thoughts and behavior
  • Adapting modes of therapy for suicide loss survivors
  • Enhancing suicide assessments and interventions for underrepresented and understudied communities
  • The evaluation of crisis lines
  • Firearm safety and suicide prevention. 
  • The examination of brain, genetic and other biological mechanisms that contribute to suicide risk and prevention

Funding research that helps to understand and prevent suicide in underrepresented communities is core to AFSP and we mentor and support promising researchers focusing on these communities. The AFSP research grants program is international. Find the full list of the grants being awarded this year.

To learn more about suicide prevention research, AFSP invites you to visit, or to watch our many videos of researchers talking about what research tells us about mental health and suicide prevention go to


The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP) is dedicated to saving lives and bringing hope to those affected by suicide, including those who have experienced a loss. AFSP creates a culture that’s smart about mental health through public education and community programs, develops suicide prevention through research and advocacy, and provides support for those affected by suicide. Led by CEO Robert Gebbia and headquartered in New York, with an Advocacy office in Washington, DC, AFSP has local chapters in all 50 states including Puerto Rico, with programs and events nationwide. Learn more about AFSP in its latest Annual Report, and join the conversation on suicide prevention by following AFSP on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

Media Contact: María de los Ángeles Corral, AFSP, 917-439-2946, [email protected]