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Education is Power

6 Mar 2020 — 1 min read

By Natalia Chimbo-Andrade


Taking Care of Your Mental Health in the Face of Uncertainty

This piece originally appeared as a Volunteer Spotlight Story in AFSP’s 2019 Annual Report. For other inspiring and emotional Volunteer Spotlight Stories, and to learn more about our exciting work, visit

Mar. 6, 2020 - As a suicide attempt survivor who has also lost friends and family, Natalia Chimbo-Andrade’s personal story is what motivates her as a board member of our Arizona chapter. This year, Natalia was instrumental in spreading education to diverse audiences in her community, through programs like Talk Saves Lives, It’s Real: College Students and Mental Health, and More Than Sad, including Spanish language presentations, in school, hospital and workplace settings, as well as to state political representatives, to better inform them so they are equipped to help their constituents.

“It’s important to inform the public about warning signs and risk factors, as well as the impact suicide leaves on a community. I hope to inspire and motivate others to create a suicide-safer community. Hearing how our efforts impact others gives me hope that we are getting closer to putting an end to suicide!”

To learn more about our exciting work and read other Volunteer Spotlight Stories, see our 2019 Annual Report.

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