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Recipes for self-care

10 Jan 2017 — 1 min read

By Melissa d'Arabian


Melissa d'Arabian

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January 10, 2017 – I get into funks. I feel them coming on, like a cool breeze that first threatens rain, and then, sure enough, it turns into a darkening cloud. Funks are just part of my DNA, and I’ve learned coping mechanisms that help me ride out each storm until it passes. I’ve also learned to recognize when I become restless or irritable, or feel like isolating, and have instituted a no-big-decisions policy while I’m in a funk.

A few other strategies I’ve adopted include, first, telling my husband, so I have an ally while I wait out the day or two of feeling down. I also make sure to protect my sleep, so I’m not adding exhaustion to the mix. I make sure to get in some exercise as well as a good dose of “vitamin N” — nature. For me, this usually means a walk on the beach by our house (which is exactly why we moved to San Diego).

One of the most important things I do when practicing self-care is to take a close look at my food intake. I  pull as much processed sugar out of the mix as possible while bumping up nutrient-rich foods filled with healthy fats (think Omega 3’s), and lots of vitamin-filled fresh produce.

Here are a few favorite recipes I use to feed my soul:

For dessert, I dig into whatever fruit is in season. The fiber and vitamins are worth the (natural) sugars found in them.

Last but not least: I’m kind to myself. Self-care is an inoculation against selfishness: if I don’t take time to care for myself, that time will be lost anyway later in being snappy or edgy. I invest in self-care because it is kinder to the people I love who live with me.

I hope these recipes inspire you to practice some culinary care for yourself the next time you feel you need it.

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